"Knowledge is the key to financial freedom"

How do you reach your financial goals without sacrificing your principles?

Jay Peroni, CFP® can help you find your way using a GPS System based on biblical principles:


Grow your wealth: We’ll show you how to find investments that reflect your Christian values, morals and beliefs. You will receive specific investment strategies and advice designed to help you grow the assets God entrusts to you. We’ll teach you how to know what to buy, when to buy, and when to sell. It is about how to find good investments!

Imagine making long term 20 year compounded rates of return of 20%, 30% or even 50% per year. We made over 50% in 2009! Some of the greatest investors of all time (Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch to name two) do this by asking two simple questions: Is it a wonderful business? Is it on sale? That's it. Simple. Easy. We show you exactly what to do!

Protect your wealth: Our training is designed for an environment such as this! High unemployment, low interest rates, volatile stock market. Our strategies are designed to help you weather the storm, gain peace of mind, and have confidence that you’re heading in the right direction. With specific training and strategies, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Share your wealth: By having more you can give more and help advance God’s kingdom. Financial freedom allows you to help more of His people. We provide timely financial advice and training to help you better manage your finances.

Learn Jay Peroni’s GPS System that has helped thousands learn how to successfully build wealth

Jay Peroni
Jay Peroni, renowned financial advisor and author of The Faith-Based Millionaire and The Faith-Based Investor, is an expert authority on the subject of "Faith-Based Investing." .

Jay graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in economics and marketing from Assumption College and a Master of Science in personal financial planning from Bentley College. He is a Certified Financial Planner professional (CFP) and is a Qualified Kingdom Advisor from Kingdom Advisors.

With more than fifteen years experience in the financial services industry, Jay values education as a way to promote professional excellence. He hosts The Jay Peroni Show, a weekly internet radio show and has an active bi-weekly blog dedicated to faith related trends in the world of finance. He has served as a speaker for the last decade and given presentations to various industry, church, and civic programs. When he's not in the office, Jay enjoys spending time with his wife, Karen and their four beautiful children.



With our easy to follow wealth building training. We teach you how to quickly get out of debt, save more, find the best investment opportunities to maximize your wealth, and then take complete control of your finances. Invest in your future and discover how quickly you can realize your financial dreams. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Get Out of Debt and Save More
Master Wealth Skills
and Protect Your Assets
Grow and Build Wealth

Imagine learning what you need to do to get out of debt and stay out of debt.

You’ll learn strategies and techniques to wipe out your debts faster and keep only the ones that make you money.

Now you can learn powerful and proven debt elimination methods that get you off the debt track and onto the wealth track.

Learn to avoid new debt and how to reverse the effects of debt, turning the same principles into wealth.

The time is now to become debt free and live debt free from now on.

Using proven, biblically based principles, we help you become the master of your finances.

We teach you how to control your money without allowing money problems to control you again.

The wealthy operate by a different set of rules. Learn those rules today!

Discover the financial principles used by the wealthy all over the world. They let their money work for them instead of working for their money.

Learn how to keep more of the money you make! Learn how to protect yourself against the biggest enemies: inflation and taxes.

Learn how to save and make more money. Anyone can learn to master and protect their finances with the right kind of training.

The most exciting part of our training program is dedicated to getting you on the road to building wealth.

Learn to accumulate multiple money-making assets and how to avoid money-draining liabilities. These lessons are a crucial step towards understanding the wealth building process.

We will teach you the financial keys to building wealth. By having more, you can give more to God’s kingdom.

Think of all the people you can help! You can start building wealth today.

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Answer these important questions:

Do you believe God controls wealth?
• Do you believe God wants you to be financially free?
• Are you currently preparing your financial “field” for future blessings?
• Are you prepared for both feast and famines?
• Have you ever noticed some of the greatest men in the Bible were fantastically wealthy?
• Do you believe that success is hit-or-miss?
• Or that successful people having more luck or were born rich?



During this economic downturn, did you watch helplessly as your wealth evaporated? Have these downtimes left you down and out? Did you lose 10, 20, 30 or even 50 percent of your wealth? Foreclosure? Job loss? When times are good, it’s easy to remain the status quo. You can cover the mistakes: pretend things are fine as you rack up credit card debt and take out a second mortgage.

But in today’s uncertain economic climate, you need to make your own personal economy recession-proof. You need new strategies that can take you to new levels of success. Fortunately, your wealth building potential can be adjusted, like a thermostat. Is your financial thermostat set for success?

I want to help enable you to not only earn more money, but learn how to manage your money in a life-altering manner. Following a biblical template, we will look at good and bad uses of money and how to avoid the traps that keep millions of people from achieving their full financial potential. Given the current state of the market, there is no more important time than TODAY to reset your financial thermostat!


“I have a healthcare business that was on the verge of closing. Within 60 days of the Faith-Based Millionaire training, I had so many clients I had to hire 4 employees to help me!”

Dave R. from South Carolina


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If your goal is true financial freedom – with a deeper relationship with God, more happiness, and more fun in your life – attend the Four Week Intensive Wealth Training Program and learn how to change the course of your financial future!

If your finances are off track, you need to head in a different direction. A lack of money isn’t the problem! It is merely a symptom of what’s going on deep within you. Just like being overweight is a symptom of a lack of exercise and poor diet, not reaching your financial potential is often due to poor financial habits and a lack of proper strategies. What if you had a personal coach to help you achieve your goals?

If you're serious about creating a life of abundance, then register today for the 4-week intensive training program.

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“You challenged 30 years of strategies I thought were working. What you taught not only changed my life, it changed my entire outlook. After using your program for a year and a half, I am debt-free and living my dreams. Thank you for your valuable program!”

Rose L. from San Diego, CA


If you have not reached the level of success you desire, what is holding you back? If you haven’t built the kind of wealth to give you financial independence and freedom, don’t blame the global economy! It’s not the government’s fault. Nor your boss or company or anyone but yourself! Your attitude determines your altitude. Don’t hear me wrong. I’m not saying name and claim it or the law of attraction will bring you everything you desire. I am talking about personal responsibility, positive thinking, and positive actions. Taking your share of the blame, keeping a positive attitude, and taking the proper actions WILL lead to success!

God expects you to take care of your family and bless others, so what is holding you back?

“The global recession hit me hard. I lost my job, home, and confidence. Before going through your program, I was lost, depressed, and hopeless. You helped me open my eyes to the opportunities and blessings I was missing. I am amazed at how I have found a new sense of purpose. Thank you for helping me find the passion deep within me!”

Roger L. from Tennessee


Take control of your financial future
• Focus on making a fortune while others are focused on fear
• Create your own personal economy that thrives at all times
• Make money while you sleep with massive, passive income
• Create and maintain wealth with the strategies of the rich

This high-impact, life-changing process is designed to change your thoughts, actions and behaviors! We believe that this live course is so imperative for you we have substantially reduced the normal pricing of this event so many more can attend.

Save thousands today!


“This course far exceeded my expectations. Talk about value! After going home, I implemented two new strategies and it has literally changed my life. I’ve gone from being deep in debt to owning and operating my dream business. Thank you so much!”

Susan T from Alabama

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Answer your questions when you need them answered… (unlimited email questions and support for one whole year!)
Help you when you get stuck, and…
Work hand-in-hand with you to jumpstart your wealth building potential!
Encourage and motivate you to reach your goals!

…so "YOU" can start "Taking Control, Investing in Your Future, and Building Long-lasting Multi-generational Wealth!" And, you can have it all for less than $2 PER DAY



Week 1 - Building Your Foundation for Wealth:
The what, why, and how of wealth building

• What are your goals?
• What does financial freedom mean to you?
• What will your wealth be used for?
• Why do you want financial freedom?
• Why should God bless you with wealth?
• Why aren’t you dead yet?
• How will you use your time, talents, and treasure?
• How will you get there?
• How will you measure success?
• Strategies to fuel your growth
• Setting goals that are S-M-A-R-T
• Evaluating your past, accessing your present, and setting up your future for success

Week 2 - Growing Wealth:
Tapping your wealth building potential and new strategies to get you there!

• Wealth building strategies: four paths to success
• 10 roads that lead to wealth
• Exploring the basics of portfolio management using traditional asset classes
• How to keep your faith and values at the center of your investment decisions
• How to screen your portfolio
• How to select securities and other investments
• Which investment vehicles to use and which ones to avoid
• Why mutual funds, annuities, IRAs, and 401Ks often do more harm than good
• The ins and outs of retirement accounts – strategies to maximize wealth
• Performance measures you need to have in place before you invest a dime
• Explore the basics of portfolio management using traditional asset classes (stocks, bonds, and cash) as well as alternative investments like gold, oil, real estate, and other hedging strategies
• Gain a broad understanding of alternative investments, required by many sophisticated investors to both diversity and optimize portfolios and reduce risk, as well as to enhance portfolio performance.

Week 3 - Protecting Wealth:
Strategies to help you protect wealth during uncertain economic times.

• Learn how to identify appropriate risk and return parameters and how to develop proper asset allocation, diversification and portfolio performance
• How to use asset allocation & optimization to your advantage
• Which insurances you should have and which you should avoid
• What estate planning documents are critical and which ones are worthless
• Good, bad, and ugly uses of debt – how to work your budget and find more money to invest
• How to create multiple income streams to protect your future
• What you must do to protect yourself from economic downturns.
• Home mortgages: pay it off sooner or later? Blessing or curse?
• Buy term and invest the difference: flawed theory!
• How to protect your wealth from stock market collapses

Week 4 - Advanced Wealth Strategies:
Strategies designed to help you outpace inflation, save money on taxes, and share your wealth with those who mean most to you!

• How to set up your accounts to protect your beneficiaries and heirs
• Ways to transfer wealth in the most tax advantageous ways
• How to help advance God’s kingdom through advanced gifting strategies
• How to build multigenerational wealth
• How to build your own banking system
• How to protect yourself from inflations: strategies for today’s economy
• ETFs, sector investing, active management strategies
• How to evaluate financial advice from other advisors, the media, and “so called” gurus?

Each session is 2+ hours in length, interactive, and full of question and answer. You will receive a workbook, audios, and a full array of supporting materials for the class.

OVER $3,000 worth of Value

• Unlimited email access to Jay for your personal questions for 1 year
• Two 60 minute calls with Jay to discuss your personal situation
• FREE portfolio review of your 401k, retirement accounts, and investments
• Access to, Jay’s paid membership site for 1 year
• Copy of Jay’s two books autographed
• Quarterly update calls with live Q&A and member interaction
• Over 10 hours of training with Jay

($399 value)
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($1,500 value)

TOTAL VALUE if purchased separately:
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Weekly: 4 weeks with a new lesson sent to you.
Where: At your convenience from your computer.

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Too often I see people segment their lives into those areas that are ’spiritual’ or ’secular.’ Jay addresses this artificial separation and shows the way to a more fully integrated life. Our financial management certainly does reflect our values. Jay Peroni shows a fresh approach to having an authentic and purposeful life.

Dan Miller, Best selling author of 48 Days to the Work You Love and No More Mondays

Jay Peroni is a man with a passion and a message and has the ability to deliver it in a readable and compelling manner. This book will challenge your thinking and be an inspiration to your faith. I am pleased to recommend it.

Ron Blue, President of Kingdom Advisors and best-selling author of Master Your Money

Reconciling God and money is one of the most challenging dilemmas faced by people who want to honor God with their finances and their lives. Jay Peroni does an excellent job helping people figure out this dilemma.

Larry Julian, Business Leadership Coach and best-selling author of God is My CEO

Mr. Peroni has discovered and revealed the powerful truths of God’s Word in his book. It has the potential to assist changing mindsets in the Body of Christ concerning the wealth that God wants His children to have to build His Kingdom and be personally blessed. Psalm 122:9 (NIV) For the sake of the House of the Lord our God, I will seek your prosperity!

Dr. C. Thomas Anderson, Founder and Senior Pastor of Living Word Bible Church in Mesa, Arizona, Best-selling author of Becoming a Millionaire

Jay points out that it’s not about the goal of being a millionaire but a matter of your financial behavior being governed by integrating your faith and common sense principles to produce God-honoring results.

Dick Towner, Executive Director, Willow Creek Association, Good $ense Stewardship Movement added BONUS:

Your choice of a personally autographed copy of:

The Faith-Based Millionaire

"The Faith Based Millionaire"

This is Jay's foundation book that is sweeping the country.

This is not just another book on 'finances,' but the first book to thoroughly cover how our values, beliefs and faith affect our finances.

The Faith Based Investor

"The Faith Based Investor"

Want to just hit investing specifically?

This has principles from 'Faith Based Millionaire' but expands on investing specifically!

  • Full length MP3 of the live class
  • PDF Transcription of the class sent via email
  • Free Copy of the Faith Based Newsletter
  • Four One on One 60 Minute Consultations with Jay Peroni

OVER $500 in bonuses alone!

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